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Qualified disabled and wounded veterans are welcome to complete and submit a guest registration form to be selected and hosted at the Camp Patriot (Disabled and Wounded) Veterans Ranch Retreat!Located in Libby, Montana (MT)


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2 NEW Ways to Help Our Veterans


There is an easy way to show your support of our Texas Veterans in your local community.

The newest $2 scratch-off game to support Texas Veterans was released June 23, 2014. Out of all $2 scratch-offs available, Cherry Tripler is unique because it is the only lottery game in Texas that directly benefits Veterans. The sale of this game supports the TVC's Fund for Veterans' Assistance (FVA) program which awards grants to local government and non-profit organizations to address the needs of Texas Veterans and their families in your community.

Quick Stats

  • $32.9M awarded in Texas
  • 168 grants awarded in Texas
  • Benefiting over 170,000 Texas Veterans

Everyone who participates in this game is a winner.

Texas is currently home to 1.7 million Veterans, and that number  continues to grow. As Veterans adjust to civilian life, the  demand for needed services for Veterans and their families grows as well. On The Money provides an opportunity for those interested in supporting Texas Veterans and their families to contribute to the FVA program. According to the Texas Lottery Commission, the overall odds of winning any prize in the newest $2 game are 1 in 4.21.

The odds of the purchase of a Cherry Tripler scratch-off game benefiting a Texas Veteran are 1 in 1.

The game was created in 2009 to provide revenue for the FVA and has raised over $25.5 million that has been awarded to Veteran-serving organizations across the state. Through the lottery game funds, organizations like Communities In Schools of Greater Central Texas are able to support the children and families of deployed military personnel and Veterans living near Ft. Hood, Andrews Center can provide post-traumatic stress disorder and family counseling to Veterans and family members all across East Texas, and Family Services of Greater Houston provides financial assistance and case management to Veterans and their families.

Through support of Texans like you, TVC has helped over 150,000 Veterans and their families statewide by funding services like financial assistance, counseling, and housing assistance. Texas Veterans and their families deserve the support of their fellow Texans.

Show your support of Texas Veterans by purchasing this game at your local retailer.

Driver License Donations:

Do YOU want to support VETERANS?

It's as simple as checking YES!

In 2013, the 83rd Texas legislature passed House Bill 633, authored by Representative Joe Farias. This bill allows Texans to make donations to the Fund for Veterans' Assistance (FVA) when applying for or renewing a driver license or identification car at DPS driver license offices. Contributions made through this donation feature will help to support Texas Veterans and their families.

The donation option is available to customers who apply in-person at a DPS driver license office and during online transactions. Customers can only make donations when applying for an original or renewal driver license/identification card - not during other transactions such as changes of address or card replacements.

 Your Gift Matters

 "The Fund for Veterans' Assistace program made it possible for me and my wife to continue to provide for our family during a challenging time. If their fundng was not available, we would be homeless with our children. I couldn't even imagine it." -Veteran Couple, Houston, TX